One brave writer travels the world to meet with billionaires, investors, and entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and her.

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About Anna

  When I was a 5-year old, I used to love jumping into swimming pools. I would simply jump, splash around, go to the corner, climb up and jump again. That made my mom get closer to the edge near me, taking a squat position in case she needs to save me. But when she saw me swim she thought, ‘This crazy thing would never drown!’ I didn’t need saving, I loved being in the deep. Twenty years later, I am still the same kid whose heart wants to jump. Going on a one-month trip with less than $200, interviewing billionaires, becoming the youngest political party leader in Europe, starting a business with no money, taking a loan to travel the world and meet mentors, hitchhiking across Spain. I just jump. This is what makes my writing BURN.

…the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn…




The Solid Facts

 My very fist guidebook became the top fourth national bestseller, and my first novel won a top 10 place in a national novel writing competition. Currently, I have two published guidebooks, one novel, and contributions to publications such as Matador Network, Magazine EIGHT, Reconnecting Europe, and Resource Travel. I am the founder of Great Nomad and through that I keep inspiring and supporting others to follow their passion and build a location independent lifestyle. I have lived in five countries on three continents and have traveled to 25+ more as a solo female. I have the creative super skill to make any trip possible with no excuses and regardless of the budget.


Travel Writing Course Author

I am the author of Travel Writing: Get Paid To Travel The World course that helps my students get started with travel writing, improve their writing skills, arrange press trips, and get published.

Travel & Lifestyle Writer

(June 2014 – present) - Guidebook co-author (Villages of Bulgaria, two editions in 2015 and 2016, published by Ciela, the biggest publishing house in Bulgaria ( – Travel journalist and Founder of Great Nomad ( – Contributor at Matador Network ( – Writer at the Reconnecting Europe Boell Blog ( – Novel author (The Last Cup of Tea, written in Bulgarian, about to be published) – Copywriter (currently working on my copywriting business, Travel Copywriters Club) – Scriptwriter (writing the script of short videos for golf and gourmet tourism in Bulgaria (the copyrights are given to the Bulgarian National Television)

Director of Operations at TheGlint

(December 2015 – November 2016) TheGlint are immersive art experiences that facilitate meaningful conversations for deeper, human connections.

Co-Chair of The Bulgarian Greens (Political party) 

(July 2014 - December 2015) – Managing the internal communication of the party and dealing with environmental, European, and youth policies and campaigns.

Account Manager at Dub 

(July 2011 to June 2014) – Dub is an international market research software provider working with some of the top agencies in the field. As an Account Manager, I was responsible for the company’s accounts in Europe, Australia, and Asia – signing contracts, prospecting, making sure that each project goes well, maintaining the company’s social media profiles. I spent 1 year working at Dub’s London office and 2 years working in Sofia.

Creative Intern at Mother London 

(May 2011) – Working on advertising campaigns for real clients of the agency.  


BA (Hons) Creative Advertising Strategy

(2008 – 2011) - University of the Arts London (London College of Communication) This was my introduction to the inspiring craft of Copywriting, Art Direction, Idea generation, Account Management, Marketing and Time management. This degree gave me a different perspective on life and business. It made me realize thinking outside the box is not enough. One has to think outside the factory that produces the boxes.

Graphic Design Diploma

University of the Arts London  

Advanced Travel Writing Course – MatadorU Travel Journalism program

Travel Filmmaking Course – MatadorU Travel Journalism program

Creative Writing Course – Ciela

Acting for Drama - National Academy of Theater and Film Arts Sofia



MENSA Bulgaria

High IQ society, test score was 154 (top 1% of the nation)  


- Bulgarian (fluent) – English (fluent)  – Japanese (upper beginner) (JLPT N5 Certificate) – Russian (beginner)  


- Martial Arts – Re-reading On The Road – Yoga - Acting Photo by Stefan Rangelov