Project Description

I remember how when I was a 12-year-old, I used to feel this severe pain in the bones of my legs at night. I was thrusting my fingers in my thighs, scratching my skin, hugging my knees, crying quietly, choking on a sip of water, wishing to fall asleep and make it stop. Is my sweat saltier than my tears? The pillow was soaked with both fluids. The pain kept coming every night at the same time, like an annoying alarm clock I wish I could throw and break. But it was breaking me, my bones, or at least it felt like it. My parents were worried I might have a chronic disease and so they took me to the doctor. “There is nothing wrong with her legs, they are just growing too fast. You just have to handle it,” he told us. I lived with this for months, or maybe a year.