Project Description

I put my sunglasses on as I board the plane. I can wipe the tears but I don’t want anyone to see my red, swollen eyes. I want to keep looking at the country I fell in love with but the view through the clean window is blurred. My tears mess it all up. Soon, clouds cover Japan and this is when I realize my trip is over. The announcements start. I know them by heart so I don’t listen to them. The flight attendant comes to me and asks me what I want. ‘I want to come back. And a glass of vodka, please.’

Two weeks in Japan were not enough. After a bad break up, I decide to reward myself and go on a solo adventure. I have always felt an attraction toward Japan, curiosity to learn its language and fascination of its culture. I feel excited, nervous, awed, euphoric, scared and alive when I buy my plane ticket. My plan is to arrive just in time for the cherry blossom season. And so I do.

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