Project Description

You dream of traveling around the world, writing about it, and getting published but you don’t know how to start. It seems impossible to do it when you don’t have the right contacts, when English is not your native language, or when you haven’t published anything yet. This travel writing course by Anna Pelova will help you improve your writing skills and it will give you the tools to arrange your own press trips and pitch your articles to editors.

In this course, you will learn how to get started with travel writing, regardless of your previous experience, your contacts, or where you are coming from. You will learn how to create your own travel writing opportunities, improve your creative writing skills, work on your personal branding, arrange complimentary trips, pitch editors and get published, understand copyrights, how much should your articles cost, and how to build relationships with your readers. This course is an investment that can give you extremely fast return if you put the efforts.

This course is for anyone who loves writing and wants to make travel writing their new venture. You are passionate to travel and write about your trips, your friends keep telling you that you have a talent, and you want to take your hobby further.